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Raiffeisen: third-largest banking group in Switzerland

Raiffeisen, the third-largest banking group in Switzerland, is Switzerland's leading retail bank. 1.9 million customers are cooperative members and therefore co-owners of their Raiffeisen bank. They value the crucial advantages Raiffeisen offers: client proximity, empathy, trustworthiness and the exclusive benefits for cooperative members.

The Raiffeisen Group consists of 292 cooperatively structured Raiffeisen banks with a total of 1'004 branches and Raiffeisen Switzerland cooperative.

The legally autonomous Raiffeisen banks are amalgamated into Raiffeisen Switzerland cooperative, which has its head office in St. Gallen. Raiffeisen Switzerland is responsible for strategic management and risk controlling for the entire Raiffeisen Group, coordinates the Group's activities, acts as the central counterparty in the international interbank business, creates ideal framework conditions for the business activities of the local Raiffeisen banks and provides them with advice and support where necessary.

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