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The unique banking group


Swiss Raiffeisen Group Structure

The 219 legally autonomous cooperative Raiffeisen banks are the owner of Raiffeisen Schweiz. 

A statuary mutual liability schema connects and guarantees the alignment between the 219 Raiffeisen bank and Raiffeisen Schweiz.

Swiss Raiffeisen Group Structure
  • Strong risk community based on solidarity
  • Mutual liability anchored in the articles of association
  • Solidarity fund with CHF 337 million assets funded


«Raiffeisen 2025» strategy

Raiffeisen Schweiz is the strategic leader of the Swiss Raiffeisen Group. As part of the «Raiffeisen 2025» strategy, Raiffeisen will invest additional CHF 550 million over the next five years. This should generate efficiency gains and additional income of CHF 500 million annually from 2025.