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Capital Adequacy Situation


Principle of disclosure


Capital adequacy situation  (PDF, 10KB)

Quantitative disclosure

Quantitative information has been disclosed in accordance with the requirements laid down in the Capital Adequacy Ordinance. Some of this information cannot be directly compared with that provided in the consolidated accounts, which is reported in line with the accounting requirements for banks laid down in FINMA Circular 2015/1.

Capital adequacy calculations are based on the same group of consolidated companies as the consolidated accounts. The key Group companies that are fully consolidated or consolidated according to the equity method can be found in the Raiffeisen Group's Annual Report (Notes to the consolidated annual accounts: Table 7 'Companies in which the bank holds a permanent direct or indirect significant participation').


31.12.2017 (Basel III)

Quantitative disclosure (PDF, 502.9KB)

30.06.2017 (Basel III)

Quantitative disclosure (PDF, 144.9KB)

31.12.2016 (Basel III)

Quantitative disclosure (PDF, 152.8KB)

30.06.2016 (Basel III)

Quantitative disclosure  (PDF, 65.8KB)

31.12.2015 (Basel III)

Quantitative disclosure (PDF, 70.9KB)

30.06.2015 (Basel III)

Quantitative disclosure (PDF, 145.8KB)

31.12.2014 (Basel III)

Quantitative disclosure  (PDF, 118.7KB)

30.06.2014 (Basel III)

Quantitative disclosure (PDF, 53KB)

31.12.2013 (Basel III)

Quantitative disclosure (PDF, 49.8KB)

31.12.2012 (Basel II)

Quantitative disclosure (PDF, 126.6KB)

31.12.2011 (Basel II)

Quantitative disclosure (PDF, 125.4KB)

31.12.2010 (Basel II)

Quantitative disclosure (PDF, 78.4KB)


Qualitative disclosure 


Risk management  (PDF, 140KB)

Quality-related disclosure is adjusted in the course of preparing the Annual Report of the Raiffeisen Group (Update 31.12.2017).