SV Stamp Card


5 Transactions: gift of CHF 5.–


Conditions of participation

1. Organiser and scope

The Raiffeisen campaign «SV stamp card: 5 transactions – gift of CHF 5.–» is organised by the bank. By agreeing to participate in the campaign, participants agree to the following conditions.


2. Campaign

Participation in the campaign entails manual activation or activation at the first payment with the stamp card. Every payment in one of the SV personnel restaurants in St. Gallen or Dietikon is automatically registered as a «stamp» on the stamp card in the Raiffeisen TWINT app. The campaign runs from 11.06.2018 to 29.06.2018.

Transfers with the «send/receive money» feature (P2P payments) are excluded from the campaign, and will not be considered.

After collecting 5 stamps, participants receive a cashback coupon under «My Offers» and automatically receive a credit of CHF 5.– on the account associated with the Raiffeisen TWINT app when they make their next payment with TWINT in one of the SV restaurants in St. Gallen or Dietikon.

This campaign only extends to the first five payments made following activation of the stamp card. Each participant thus receives a maximum of one credit.


3. Eligibility

All employees of Raiffeisen Switzerland registered in the Raiffeisen TWINT app are eligible to participate.

Participants who violate these conditions for participation or the terms and conditions of TWINT can be excluded from the campaign, including retroactively.


4. Termination

The Bank reserves the right to discontinue, modify or prematurely terminate the campaign at any time without notice and without giving reasons. In such a case, participants are not entitled to any claims against the Bank. Stamps that have already been collected expire at the end of the campaign. Legal action is excluded, and no correspondence regarding the campaign will be conducted.