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Disclaimer and Privacy Policy



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By accessing the web pages at www.raiffeisen.ch (hereinafter referred to as the "Raiffeisen website") you declare that you have understood and accepted the regulations for use and the legal information with regard to this website. If you do not agree with the following regulations or you have not understood them, then please refrain from accessing the Raiffeisen website.


Property rights/copyright

All material on the Raiffeisen website belongs exclusively and completely to the Raiffeisen Group, unless as otherwise indicated. This includes all commercial property rights, and in particular copyright and trademark rights as well as the content and structure of the Raiffeisen website. Downloading or printing out of individual pages and/or portions of the Raiffeisen website is permitted for private use only, provided that copyright notices and other protected designations are not removed. This does not, however, give rise to a licence or a right to use an image, a registered trademark or a logo. Moreover, the downloading or copying of the Raiffeisen website does not transfer to you any rights with respect to the software or other material on the Raiffeisen website. The express written consent of the Raiffeisen Group is required for anything other than private use (reproduction, use for public or commercial purposes, etc.).


No offer and no advisory

The contents of the Raiffeisen website are solely for information purposes. The information on the website constitutes neither an offer or a solicitation, nor a recommendation to buy or sell financial or investment instruments of any kind or to execute any transactions. 

Raiffeisen explicitly refrains from providing any advice (investment advice, etc.) via the Raiffeisen website. The opinions and other information contained in the website are not to be used for the purpose of making decisions regarding legal matters, tax issues or other questions. Before you make any investment, legal or tax decision, please consult a qualified expert from the Raiffeisen Group.


Limited access and geographical restrictions

The Raiffeisen website is not intended for legal entities or individuals who by virtue of their nationality, registered office, place of residence or for any other reason are governed by a legal system which prohibits or restricts in particular the publication of the content of the website, access to the website, the activities of a foreign financial services provider or the approval of products (such as investment funds). Access to the Raiffeisen website is prohibited for persons subject to any such restrictions 

This prohibition applies in particular to citizens of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, China and Singapore or to persons who are residents of these countries. Please refer to the legal regulations of the country in which you live. 


Links to other websites

The Raiffeisen Group has not examined the websites of third-party providers whose links appear on the Raiffeisen website. The Raiffeisen Group has no control whatsoever over these other websites and therefore assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or legality of the content and offer of these websites. If you access these websites, you do so at your own risk.

The prior permission of the Raiffeisen Group is always required before any link to the Raiffeisen website is placed on any other website.


No warranty and exclusion of liability

The Raiffeisen Group makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that the information presented on the Raiffeisen website is current, correct, true and complete at the time it is published. However, the Raiffeisen Group does not offer any warranty in respect of the information, content, services, offers or products published by it or by third parties.

The Raiffeisen Group assumes no responsibility for any direct or indirect loss or consequential loss suffered by users or third parties in connection with use of the Raiffeisen website. Further, the Raiffeisen Group assumes no responsibility for and offers no warranty that the functions of the Raiffeisen website will not be subject to interruptions or that it will operate without error or be free of damaging components (such as viruses, etc.).

Moreover, the Raiffeisen Group is not liable for damage that the customer could have avoided through the use of suitable protective measures (especially keeping its user number and password secret, using anti-virus and firewall programs, including updating its IT environment).

The Raiffeisen Group may change the data, information etc. published on the Raiffeisen website at any time and without advance notice. 


Future performance (risk notice)

The past is not necessarily a guide to the future performance of an investment instrument. The value of investments may fall as well as rise and investors may not get back the amount they invested. Thus past performance does not necessarily provide any guarantee of future results. Due to fluctuations in the value of investments, there is no guarantee that any capital invested will maintain its value or even increase in value. In extreme cases the entire amount invested may be lost. In addition, fluctuations in exchange rates may also decrease or increase the value of investments. 


Data security

Data is partially encrypted with a procedure corresponding technically to the state of the art. Encryption in particular occurs where personal data is transmitted, but only if there is a corresponding note in the browser of the customer.

Access to the Raiffeisen website or electronic contact or communication normally involves the transmission of user data via a public, universally accessible network. In addition, data may be transmitted across national borders, even if both the sender and recipient are located in the same country. While individual data packets may be transmitted in encrypted form, the identity of both sender and recipient remains unencrypted. Thus it cannot be ruled out that third parties may be able to view data sent in this way and that it may be possible to deduce that there has been contact with Raiffeisen.

This means that banking confidentiality cannot be guaranteed.

The Raiffeisen Group therefore expressly confirms that it will not accept any orders for business or transactions (new account openings, payment orders, stock market orders, etc.) via the Raiffeisen website. Reference is made with regard to authentication to the statements under “Supplementary provisions for the areas with authentication”.

The use of electronic media such as the internet and e-mail brings with it the danger of viruses and targeted attacks by hackers. To prevent viruses from infecting your computer, you should always use a current browser version as well as constantly updated anti-virus software. You should not open e-mails of unknown origin or attachments that you are not expecting.


Personal data

In order to adapt the offers as well as possible to the needs of users, the Raiffeisen Group uses so-called cookies.A cookie is text information that the browser stores when visiting an Internet page. A browser can recognise the Internet page at a later visit or when retrieving various sub-pages of an Internet page on the basis of the cookies. The advantage of the cookies for users of the Raiffeisen website is that information already provided, in particular the Raiffeisen bank selected or preferred language, do not have to be re-entered. The Raiffeisen Group can carry out analyses with the assistance of these cookies and log files as well as the data entered by the user on the various Raiffeisen websites.

This data is used for the following purposes in particular:

  • Improving the contents and navigation
  • Optimising forms and error messages
  • Administering customer and usage data and for marketing activities
  • Improving the information targeted at the user via products and services

In addition, for data security reasons, the following access data, among others, is stored in a log file: IP address, date and time of access, name of the file retrieved, web browser used and operating system employed.

Personal data is transmitted and stored in a protected environment within the Raiffeisen Group. The Raiffeisen Group takes appropriate measures to ensure that personal data cannot be processed by third parties. This excludes partners who render services on behalf of the Raiffeisen Group for the user. The Raiffeisen Group obtains assurances that its partners have an equivalent privacy and security policy.

To improve the user experience and online advertising campaigns, plug-ins and components of third parties can also be used. These components may also use cookies. Neither these third parties nor the Raiffeisen Group have access to the data that the other collected by means of cookies. Such cookies are in particular used as part of advertising campaigns and permit the presentation of the advertising displays of the Raiffeisen Group on third party websites with which Raiffeisen Marketing maintains relations. Under certain circumstances, these third parties collect anonymised information on your use of the corresponding websites and provide it in anonymised form, including, but not restricted to geographical information, your user behaviour on a website or the names of websites where you were shown advertising displays.

The user can at any time forbid or influence the storage of personal data via the settings of his computer or browser or with the support of suitable software, individual data collection, especially vis-à-vis third parties. Additional information can be found in the documentation or online assistance of the browser and the software mentioned.

The cookie setting stored on the Raiffeisen website is active if no resetting, no deletion, no access occurs with another browser or another terminal.

The Raiffeisen Group only discloses personal data to other third parties if statutory or regulatory provisions make this mandatory. 


Supplementary provisions for areas with authentication

Binding notifications related to the use of online services are made solely in the area of the websites with authentication. The information you provide the Raiffeisen Group is used for the purpose stated in the websites.

Access to the online services requires the opening of a user account and as a result authentication and authorisation with assigned identification features. The user ensures that the means of legitimation are kept secret as well their their protection against access by unauthorised parties.

This data can also be used for person-specific analysis for clients who use a password-protected area of the Raiffeisen website. Person-specific analyses permit the Raiffeisen Group to evaluate customer needs in relation to certain products and services, provide the customer with personalised information on products and services and check the interest of the user in such information. Customers can reject the above-mentioned personal processing of their data for marketing purposes for the future by writing to the following address: Raiffeisen Switzerland Cooperative, Data Protection Officer, Raiffeisenplatz, CH-9001 St. Gallen.

If the user also acts for a second user of the same user account, e.g. for a joint and several debtor, it likewise commits the second user through its actions. Raiffeisen Group assumes the consent of the second user, which is dependent on mutual consultation and accordance.

The information and calculations for a financing application are derived on the one hand from the information provided by the customer and on the other from current interest rates and values based on general experience.

Customers are aware that their financing requests are based on their individual needs and the information disclosed regarding the current financial situation. Consequently, it is the result of all of this information and refers exclusively to the customer. Customers are not entitled to publish this consulting document or pass it on otherwise to third parties. Raiffeisen is not responsible for any losses or damage (direct, indirect or consequential) caused by the distribution of this consulting document or its contents.

Solely the information of the Raiffeisen Group, which is identified as such is binding and then only within any period stated. This in particular applies to the conditions for the personal offer that constitutes the basis of the loan approval.

Definitive approval of the loan for the financing request requires detailed examination of the request for financing. This is made on the basis of the documents judged to be relevant by the Raiffeisen Group and that must be submitted by the customer regarding collateral and the financial and income situation. Approval and as a result granting of the financing presumes fulfilment of the conditions stated below:

completeness and correctness of information provided by the customer regarding personal and financial circumstances and the property to be financed;

value of the loan collateral taking any easements, inherited burdens, other influences into account;

personal and economic creditworthiness, especially proof of the financial and sustainable income situation;

observance of legal, regulatory and internal requirements.

In the event of any negative result of the examination, the Raiffeisen Group will refuse the financing.

The financing of the Raiffeisen Group is dependent at the least on the transfer of the assets and collateral before payment of loan. In the case of financing residential property, transfer of the equity, maintenance of a private account and conclusion of membership in the financing Raiffeisenbank must occur before payment of the loan.


Place of jurisdiction

To the extent that a legal relationship has been created between members of the Raiffeisen Group and the users of the Raiffeisen website, this relationship is subject to Swiss law. Members are represented by Raiffeisen Switzerland. The exclusive place of jurisdiction is St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Last Update: 11.07.2017