Business valuations – setting a base for crucial decisions


An independent and meaningful valuation will give you a picture as to how you (and/or your counterparty) may be valued in a potential transaction or on the capital markets and thereby helps you in establishing a realistic assessment.


Succession and financial structuring decisions in SMEs – We highlight the valuation drivers of your enterprise from a 3rd party perspective and show you appropriate market value ranges for your enterprise and its equity prior to planned reallocations among the shareholders or prior to contemplated share capital increases. Raiffeisen may thereby serve as trusted and independent expert.

Business planning coaching – As a critical coach we may guide and assist you in the conversion of your business plans into comprehensible and consistent P&L, balance sheet and liquidity projections.

Fairness Opinions and Minimum Price Valuations – Our team has a long standing experience in providing independent public opinions for listed companies and has significantly influenced the current Swiss market practice in this domain. Independent opinions on the financial appropriateness of a contemplated transaction will support the Board of Directors in its decision and its reasoning behind a recommendation to the shareholders.