Treasury & Markets

Within Raiffeisen, Treasury & Markets is responsible for raising, managing and transferring liquidity inside the Group and ensuring access to the financial markets; it is the centre of expertise for the whole Group, providing products and services related to financial markets.

As the central control unit, Treasury & Markets ensures access to the capital market, centralised liquidity risk management and sustainable funding, as well as hedging of interest rate and currency risks for the Raiffeisen Group. Treasury & Markets is the service provider for precious metals, foreign exchange, securities and structured products within the cooperative union.

Treasury & Markets supplies the Raiffeisen Group with cash in Swiss francs and foreign currencies from more than 100 countries from its own cash centre. The cash logistics service does not just deliver to Raiffeisen banks, it can also be used by customers for cash home delivery. This service is available via e-banking, allowing customers to order bank notes in Swiss francs or foreign currencies to be delivered safely and conveniently to their home address. The service was in great demand in 2021, despite the restricted opportunities for travel.

The other main tasks of Treasury & Markets include advising Raiffeisen banks on balance sheet structure management and providing support in foreign exchange transactions and with the sale of structured products.