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Werner Leuthard

Werner Leuthard

«No other bank knows Switzerland like we do.»

Werner Leuthard

Head of Trading

Banknotes & Cash

As one of the world's leading cash suppliers, we offer our institutional clients and partner banks foreign currencies from around 100 countries.

Capital Market

Being one of the foremost lead managers in Switzerland's capital market, we support borrowers from the public sector, financial and mortgage bond institutions, as well as private firms in the Swiss capital market. Our integrated consulting and implementation service for bond projects ranges from launch planning, investor placement and listing on the stock exchange, through to final maturity.

Money Market & Treasury

As the best capitalized, amongst the world's largest banking groups, we offer an unique combination of safety and capacity. Our range of treasury products include  deposits, repos and well rated certificate of deposit and bond programmes.

Structured Products

Raiffeisen Switzerland began offering structured products over ten years ago, being a successful issuer since 2016. With the ratings from all three major rating agencies (S&P A+, Fitch AA-), Raiffeisen positions itself as an attractive and stable issuer of structured products.

Precious Metals, Foreign Exchange & Derivatives

Treasury & Markets is a one-stop provider of professional consulting and state of the art support services, covering every aspect of foreign exchange trading of major currencies for FX spot, forward transactions and options. We offer customized services for the physical handling, storage and transaction processing of precious metals in bars, via metals account (XAU, XAG, XPD, XPT) and in derivative transactions.

In November 2021, Raiffeisen Switzerland was the first Swiss bank to issue a gold ETF with the fund name «Raiffeisen ETF - Solid Gold Responsibly Sourced & Traceable».


Raiffeisen is a LBMA Full Member and herewith further strengthens its broad expertise in precious metals trading. As the largest global industry association for precious metals, the LBMA sets market standards and also shapes the future alignment of the precious metals industry with regard to environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects. This includes, in particular, the responsible sourcing and procurement of precious metals. Raiffeisen only sells gold bars from refiners that meet the LBMA Good Delivery Standards.

IR press Release (PDF, 132.7KB)

Fixed Income

As a member of the Swiss stock exchange, we are committed to being an active participant in the market as well as a liquidity provider for bonds in Swiss francs. Our position as Switzerland's third-largest bank gives us access to a vast network of private and institutional investors, making us a competitive partner to our counterparties.


Our core competency in the rates business is a result of our position as the largest mortgage lender in the Swiss market. Not only do we maintain a comprehensive CHF interest rate portfolio, but Raiffeisen's interest rate derivatives are one of the key trading instruments for own use and as a market maker.


If you are interested in getting in touch with our specialists, please contact us at crsm@raiffeisen.ch.